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Untouched for thousands of years...

These uncleaned ancient coins were found north of modern day Greece in the region of the ancient town of Philipopolis.  They are uncleaned, still covered with the dirt and crust that has obscured them for nearly 2,000 years!
Roman coins were struck by hand, hammer to die.  No two coins are exactly alike.  Unique and valuable, a single coin was often an entire day's pay.  It is simply fascinating to hold these coins in your hand and imagine the ancient people that once used them.  They may have been used to buy bread, rendered to Caesar for tax, or thrown to the gladiators in herald.
Because there were no banks at the time, coins were normally buried for safe keeping.  Be it a raided villager or a Roman soldier sent off to battle never to return, the buried hoards remained in the earth only to be rediscovered millennia later.
We cannot promise that every coin will have great detail as these are covered in dirt up to 1 mm thick, but we estimate that roughly 60% of these coins show some degree of detail even before cleaning.  These coins are neither sorted through nor cherry picked.  They come to you as they came to us.
The remaining finds from this dig are selling quickly.  We have divided this hoard into bags of 10 coins each and are offering them for $27.95 per bag.  If you order larger quantities, the price goes even lower. Collectors don't wait, this offer won't last long.  Whether you have an interest in ancient coins, the history of ancient civilizations, or would just like to own a genuine antiquity, don't miss this opportunity.

Own A Piece Of History... literally thousands of years old!


Bulk Pricing Discounts

Here are 8 lots selected completely at random from the entirety of our bagged lots.  No consideration was given to quality of any particular lot chosen for these pictures.  Random lots pre-bagged for each order - no cherry picking.


Additional Resources:
Due to the many requests for additional information, here are a couple of recommended resource books.
Ancient Greek and Roman Coins by Zander Klawans - This is an excellent book for the beginning ancient coin collector.  While this book does not contain values of the coins, it has a lot of really good information for a price under $10.
Roman Coins and Their Values by David Sear - This is the best book for an ancient coin collector at any level.  Not only does this book contain historical information on several thousand ancient coins, it also contains a value guide of the several thousand ancient coins as well.
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