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In addition to our direct wholesale offerings, we’ve been selling on the internet for years. We’ve also sold on eBay as Richmarkimports, We’ve accumulated thousands of legitimate testimonials which can be read in the form of genuine, real, and complete feedback (left by real people that really did purchase our products – not made up testimonials which are so common on the internet). To date, 499 out of every 500 of our customers have been Thrilled!



mouse1204SpacerSpacer(51)Spacerstars-5 Spacer 2016-08-11 S

Praise:Wow! This was good quality stones/crystaly! Lots of fun and good color! : )

bc219SpacerSpacerSpacer(21)Spacerstars-6 Spacer 2016-08-11 S

Praise:How Cool!!!!! Thank you so much!!! Fast shipment and awesome gems!

emag425SpacerSpacer(7)Spacer Spacer 2016-08-11 S

Praise:Exactly as described... Fast shipping... Happy camper here!

paneragoodsSpacerSpacer(5)Spacer Spacer 2016-08-11 S

Praise:Super-fast shipment, clear communication, beautiful product, GREAT SELLER!!!!!!!

ftmcloudSpacerSpacerSpacer(36)Spacerstars-6 Spacer 2016-08-11 S

Praise:What fun. Great deal, and very fast shipping! Thanks. A+++++

purpledogreadingSpacerSpacerSpacer(15)Spacerstars-6 Spacer 2016-08-11 S

Praise:Stones were more than what I expected! Excellent!

assistantlabwarriorSpacerSpacerSpacer(357)Spacerstars-7 Spacer 2016-08-11 S

Praise:Delightful items. Would highly recommend and use again! Thank you!!

glencannondrSpacerSpacer(10)Spacerstars-6 Spacer 2016-08-11 S

Praise:Thanks for this great product!!!!!!!!!!!

elkinstuffSpacerSpacerSpacer(21)Spacerstars-6 Spacer 2016-08-11 S

Praise:We like Big in Texas, this is big, Got 3 crystal tips, other nice, will do again

ryuujin9SpacerSpacer(6)Spacer Spacer 2016-08-11 S

Praise:lightning fast service excellent merchandise I'm pleased and you will be too

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