About Us

At Richmark Imports, we bring only the best deals on mineral specimens, gemstones, and fine jewelry. Our selection changes as opportunities change. Sometimes that means we won’t have exactly what you want… But if it’s offered here, it’s always a great deal.

We go to great lengths to procure our products at extremely favorable terms and offer those products to our customers at prices substantially below retail.


What do our Customers Say?

Often websites put up testimonial, and most of those so called testimonials are attributed to mysterious, single letter last named customers… mainly nonsense like Tammy S. from Sacramento or John D. from Dallas. Do we need to guess who these people really are? It’s no surprise that these anonymous advocates are always wildly raving about their products. We won’t waste your time with that.

We have a legitimate, documented record of authentic testimonials…. Thousands of them. That’s because we’ve also been selling on eBay for years. They record everything whether you’d like them to or not. Our testimonials can be read there in the form of genuine, real and complete feedback (left byreal people that really did purchase our products).

To date, 499 out of every 500 of our eBay customers have recorded positive feedback and have been happy with their purchase!

Even in the unlikely event you aren’t thrilled with your purchase, we offer a best of breed guarantee and it’s SOLID. Our satisfaction pledge is prominently displayed at the bottom of every product page. If not satisfied, just return the product and we’ll give a total refund including your original shipping, No Questions Asked!